John S. L. Parker, BVMS, PhD

Development of feline monoclonal antibodies for use as therapeutic and diagnostic tools

John S. L. Parker, BVMS, PhD, Douglas F. Antczak, VMD, PhD, Julia Felippe, Med. Vet., MS, PhD, and Tracy Stokol, PhD

Dr. John S.L. Parker and his team are developing a system for harnessing the weapons of the feline immune system to fight infections or cancer. After cataloguing the antibodies a cat produces in response to a feline calicivirus (FCV) immunization, they have created cat-specific antibodies that could be used therapeutically to boost immunity and treat FCV infections. They’re also developing cat-specific antibodies that can attack cancer cells and collaborating with Dr. Avery August and Dr. Kristy Richards to hopefully test the antibodies in feline lymphoma patients visiting the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. In the long-term, Parker is interested in identifying the antibody responses to many different types of viruses so that he can reproduce antibodies that can be used as therapy for a wide range of infections.