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Donald and Rita Powell

Dr. Donald Powell ’69 and his wife of over fifty years, Rita Powell, have been supporters of Cornell and the Cornell Feline Health Center for decades. Currently the owner of a beautiful multicolored eight year old “junkyard kitty” named Holli, Powell has seen his personal love for cats reflected among his clients during his years of practice.

“I love the relationship between owners and their pets. When you have a pet that you’ve cared for as a veterinarian, that relationship continues as you go through all its life cycles – helping solve problems, celebrating successes, and helping make tough decisions at the end. You get very attached to the owner and their pet. The more an owner loves their pet, the more you love that pet, too.”

Powell is now CEO of Pender Veterinary Centre, Ltd., a thriving veterinary group he cofounded in Fairfax, Virginia. Attributing much of their success to Cornell, the Powells have generously given back in many ways, including supporting the improvement of the design and development of the Cornell Feline Health Center website, which serves as a resource for millions of cat owners and lovers each year.

When asked why he chooses to support the Cornell Feline Health Center, Dr. Powell explains, “There are very few places you can invest in research for cats, and feline research has sort of been neglected for years. My wife and I like to see research done to help cats, solve problems, solve disease entities and so forth, and we feel like the money is wisely invested and wisely used. That’s always a concern when donating, but we’re confident that the money we donate to the Cornell Feline Health Center will be used well and efficiently.”


This online version of our 2016 annual report was made possible through the generosity of Dr. Donald and Mrs. Rita Powell. Thank You!