Message From the Director


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to provide you with this update on the activities of the Cornell Feline Health Center, which is able to fulfill its mission only through the support of our cherished donors. This collaboration between the Center and our stalwart supporters has a long history of success in sharing information about feline health with cat lovers, and of improving the lives of all cats. We are extremely excited about where the future will take us and our feline friends, and about the prospect of providing a better world for both cats and the people who love them.

This is my final annual report as the Director of the Center, and I am happy to celebrate the accomplishments we have achieved over the past six years. When I think back on the time I have devoted to guiding this unique institution, it is clear that its strengths come from the dedication and hard work of our faculty, staff, and supporters. This has been truly inspiring, and I look forward with anticipation to what the future holds for cats as a result of the continued work of the excellent team that we have gathered.

My transition is made much easier by my confidence in the abilities of our incoming Director, Dr. Luis M. Schang. Dr. Schang joins us from the University of Alberta, where he has established himself as a world-class scientist studying the role of various molecules in the mechanisms that control viral infections. Recognized as an innovator in this scientific field, his work is also informed by his training as a veterinarian, his understanding of the importance of clinical applications of research discoveries, and his gregarious and considerate manner. I feel extremely comfortable handing the reins over to Dr. Schang, and look forward to working with him to make his transition a smooth one, and to strengthening our future collaborations as colleagues on the faculty here at the College.

This year’s report focuses on an important aspect of the Center’s historical (and future) strength – its affiliation with the world-class teaching and research programs of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (and with Cornell University as a whole). These connections allow the Cornell Feline Health Center to foster ideas and collaborations between clinical and basic research expertise that promise to transform feline medicine. As is highlighted in this report, this relationship is unique among institutes dedicated to preserving and improving feline health, and I am confident that this model has the greatest potential to fulfill our mission – with the vital support of you, our donors.

Thank you for your continued support, not only during my time as Director, but also during our storied past and in helping us realize an even more promising future. Together, we can work together to achieve our common goal of a better world for cats everywhere!

Colin R. Parrish
Director Emeritus,
Cornell Feline Health Centerpencil